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English-language Journal "Ningen Dock International" / Japanese-language Journal "Ningen Dock"

The official journal "Ningen Dock International" has started to be published on J-STAGE; the "Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic"


We have two official journals of the Japanese-language journal "Ningen Dock" (issued five times a year) and the English-language journal "Ningen Dock International" (issued annually or semiannually)

English-language Journal "Ningen Dock International"

Ningen Dock International ; Vol.6 No.1 2019.3

The latest issue available in PDF

Vol.7 No.1 issued in March, 2020


Japanese-language Journal "Ningen Dock"

Vol.34 No.5

The latest issue available in PDF

Vol.34 No.5 issued in March, 2020

J-STAGE *The back issues are on J-STAGE