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Holding of Academic Meeting

We hold scientific meeting annually in major cities in Japan, which plays an important role as an opportunity for medical workers in charge of health check-up to present their research achievements. In recent years, we have more than 400 applications for general presentation, showing that there is considerable interest in the meeting. We also hold special lectures and educational lectures as opportunities to study for refined education. Additionally, we plan lectures open to the public as information campaigns to widely spread preventive medicine through the people.

Publication of Academic Journal “Ningen Dock”

We issue the academic journal “Ningen Dock” periodically, five times a year. (from 2013, we are going to publish the Japanese-language journal “Ningen Dock” five times a year, and the English-language journal “Ningen Dock International” annually or semiannually). We invite review articles, original articles, case reports, short reports, and others from the members and ask the staff to take charge of peer review and editing of them, then the editorial board determines whether they may be accepted for publication or not. The journal also plays a role as a tool to provide various information such as activity reports of the society, and forty thousand copies of the journal are published annually for the members and health check-up facilities.

Training of Certified Doctors and Specialists of Ningen Dock

Ningen Dock Certified Doctors

At the 40th scientific meeting of Japan Society of Ningen Dock, 763 members were certified as Ningen Dock Certified Doctors for the first time. The aim of that is to recognize importance of the primary prevention through health evaluation and promotion of the people as the mission of Ningen Dock and the secondary prevention through the early detection and early treatment, and to improve quality of Ningen Dock doctors.

There are 4,666 Ningen Dock Certified Doctors as of April 2013.

Health Evaluation and Promotion Specialists

Since 2009, we have carried out tests for Ningen Dock Certified Doctors to certify successful specialists, thus sustainably improving the quality of the system of Health Evaluation and Promotion Specialist to be trusted by society through lifelong education.

There are 901 certified Health Evaluation and Promotion Specialists as of April 2013.

Additionally, we have conducted the specialist business in corporation with Japan Society of Health Evaluation and Promotion since 2012.

Business of Quality Evaluation of Ningen Dock Facilities

We started the business of Quality Evaluation of Ningen Dock Facilities on September 1, 1994. The aim of the business is to improve the quality of Ningen Dock facilities and promote improvement activities, allowing examinees to have medical check-up without anxiety. We perform the evaluation in two steps of writing and visiting, then the evaluation group judges according to the evaluation standard and Japan Society of Ningen Dock and Japan Hospital Association perform the certification. Additionally, the certified facilities are also designated as facilities for training Health Evaluation and Promotion Specialists.

We have certified 321 facilities from 429 applicant facilities as of September 2013.

Business of Training Ningen Dock Advisers and Ningen Dock Foodstyle Advisers

We established two qualifications of Ningen Dock Adviser and Ningen Dock Foodstyle Adviser aiming to level up and standardize knowledge and teaching skill of those who give specific health guidance in order to provide effective and proper health guidance to insured persons and dependents subject to the specific health guidance.

According to the training guideline of health examination and health guidance (definitive edition) issued by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we are acknowledged as a group for training those who are in charge of specific health guidance and to be engaged in certain trainings necessary for them provided by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

There are 5,108 Ningen Dock Advisers and 1,111 Ningen Dock Foodstyle Advisers as of September 2013.

Business of Ningen Dock Health Check-up, Associated Region Research, and Statistics

We have started a nationwide survey in cooperation with Japan Hospital Association with which we have been in cooperative relationship since 1985. In the survey, the member facilities are examined for data of examinees of the last year regarding implementation status and results of Ningen Dock, and the association submits the data.

A nationwide survey on “current state of Ningen Dock” is conducted annually, the result of it is reported by a person in charge to the members at the annual scientific meeting, and also printed and published in the academic journal.

Business of Introduction and Designation of Ningen Dock Health Check-up Facilities

In the business, we introduce facilities where the basic examination items (preventive health check-up of insured persons and dependents) provided by us and National Federation of Health Insurance Societies are available, and also designate the facilities in cooperation with Japan Hospital Association.

The business started in 1959 at the strong request of National Federation of Health Insurance Societies to introduce facilities where health care of insured persons at offices throughout the country is available in a short time and at low cost, and necessary and sufficient examination items responding to disease structures and life guidance are also available.