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Secondary use of works copyrighted by the academic society

If you secondarily use any copyrighted works including the academic journal “Ningen Dock” issued by the Japan Society of Ningen Dock, please be sure to contact the secretariat in advance.

Procedures to apply for the permission of reprint

  1. Fill out an Application Form and Permission for Reprint and send it to the following email address with a posting sample.
    Please let us know if your application is urgent.


  2. The acceptance or refusal of the permission shall be notified to you after examination. Please do not reprint the article before receiving the notification.
    Please change the subject of the email to "NingenDock Reprint".


Important notes on application

  1. When you reprint an article including original articles in the academic journal “Ningen Dock”, obtain the prior consent from the first author and send a letter of consent to the secretariat with a signature and seal of the first author.
    For an urgent request, please send a scanned letter of consent by email.


  2. Provide the accurate range of the article to be reprinted (page #, figure #).
  3. If you reprint an article modifying figures and other information, specify how you will change the article. Also, add a statement such as “modified and quoted from xxxxxxxxx” as well as “the source”.